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Hi, there! 
I'm Dana (Lee) Casielles (KA-SEE-AY-YES), the CEO and Founder of Casielles Communications.
If I were to sum myself up in one line, it would be that I was born with the gift of gab and have refined my communication abilities throughout my 30+ years on this planet. โ€‹


I have over a decade of experience as a writer, editor, content producer, and social media coordinator. Blog posts, customer success stories, roundups, Q&As, product descriptions, ad copy, articles, press releases, and breaking news are fortes. But like Grandma's Thanksgiving casserole, I'm well-seasoned in SEO, content marketing, copywriting, and relationship-building. My portfolio, testimonials, and references (available upon request) hold me accountable.
With an uncanny knack for conveying ideas and bridging connections, I drive communications within your business while allowing you to focus on the broader strategic vision.


With an infectious enthusiasm for effective communication, I navigate interdepartmental relationships, ensuring ideas flow freely, information is shared cohesively, and collaboration flourishes. 
Miscommunication is my pet peeve.
Collaborate with me, and your message will cut through the noise, making a lasting impression on your audience. You can also expect communication to be systematic, convincing, and impactful.

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About Me

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My Story

After navigating the labyrinth of the corporate world, I made a life-altering decision in 2023 – I embraced the path of entrepreneurship and embarked on a journey to become my boss. 


In this ever-evolving landscape, I have discovered my true calling – empowering the unsung heroes, the little fish, to rise and shine amidst the giants. Their stories, dreams, and passions deserve to be heard by the masses. With unwavering dedication, I commit my time and expertise to helping them uncover their unique narratives and amplify their voices.


Harnessing the power of search engine optimization (SEO), I breathe life into their digital presence, sculpting it into an artful masterpiece that captures an audience's attention. Through charismatic and captivating language, I weave together compelling tales that resonate with audiences far and wide.


With every keyword, every meta tag, and every piece of content, I orchestrate a symphony of visibility, propelling these little fish from obscurity to prominence.


In the vast ocean of possibilities, I navigate the ever-changing currents and uncharted waters of the digital realm. By strategically optimizing websites, refining online marketing strategies, and crafting engaging content, I become the guiding light for those who seek to make their mark in this vast, interconnected world.

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